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Nautilus Marine Restorations is a full service vintage boat restoration
shop, located in western South Carolina, which restores and/or
remodels  wood and fiberglass antique, classic and vintage boats.
Nautilus  Marine  Restorations
The fiberglass boats built from
the middle 1950’s to the early
60’s, designs which captured
the essence of airplane and
automobile styling, will never
be made again. Those unique
designs, which incorporated
fins, bullets, and art deco
appointments, have made
them much sought-after
and collectible examples of
American post-war boating.
On beautiful Lake Keowee in West Union, South Carolina    
Our shop – Everything needed for the restoration of classic and vintage
vessels…and a supply of thousands of original parts and fittings.
At Nautilus, we specialize in the restoration of mahogany runabouts, cruisers and
yachts...from bridge to keel/stem to stern. Our restorations are done using the best
parts and materials available and incorporating the latest methods of construction
and assembly. Because our clients have their own individual requirements and
preferences, every restoration is a collaboration of ideas. Whether a boat is to be
restored  or customized, Nautilus Marine Restorations always works closely with our
clients to ensure that the finished restoration will meet or exceed their expectations.
Please take a few minutes to review our completed and on-going restorations and the many before/after  
photos.  Our attention to detail results in a vessel that is actually better than new at a fraction of the cost
of replacement...and the value of a classic boat appreciates!  Email or call Nautilus Restorations to
discuss the plans and ideas you have for the full or partial restoration of your vintage/classic vessel.

“Vintage runabouts & cruisers restored with Yankee Ingenuity & Southern Pride”
"Never allow logic to interfere with a boat purchase." - J. S. Hadley
Nautilus Marine Restorations
Welcome to Nautilus Restorations!
The Chambered Nautilus
At Nautilus Restorations, we
restore and preserve them…
one boat at a time!
Finally...The Loch Ness monster
mystery has been solved!
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