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Why own a classic boat ?
A Financial Perspective

Let's assume that the acquisition cost of a classic mahogany boat and the restoration is $50,000 but the fair market value
after restoration is only $40,000. compare that to a new boat with the same cost of $50,000 but which actually
has a resale value of about $42,000 when you haul it from the dealer's lot...which is true...and IF you can find a buyer.

The value of an antique/classic boat increases an average of 3% per year while the value of a new boat decreases to
the point where, in 10 years, it has retained only 40% of it's this case, $20,000.  A classic wooden boat needs a
maintenance coat of varnish and/or paint about every three years at an average cost of $1,700 each time.  A new fiberglass
boat does not need painting and varnishing. (A classic fiberglass boat does not either!)  Assuming that all other maintenance,
storage and operating costs are the same, the difference between cost and value at the end of ten years is obvious:

The total cost of the classic boat was $50,000 plus $5,100 maintenance over a period of ten years: $55,100. The value after
10 years ($40,000 X 3% compounded interest) is $53,757.  10 year cost of ownership: $1,343 or $134.00/year.

The new boat cost was the same, $50,000.  40% of that amount in year ten would be $20,000. Cost of ownership, $30,000
or $3,000/year...for a boat that will continue to decrease in value.
Jan and Peggy Hadley of Nautilus Marine Restorations
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Classic boats are an investment, not an expenditure.  
New Zealand
Everyone here at Nautilus Restorations is an avid classic boater.  We all own
vintage boats which range from 1948 to 1988.  For us, the restoration of classic
boats is not just a labor of love, it's a labor of lust!  We bring a high level of
knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to every restoration we undertake.  
Each restoration is not just a challenge, it also offers  an opportunity to enhance
and preserve a little piece of nautical history...and to have fun doing it!
New boats depreciate.  Classic boats appreciate!
Put your money where you will see it again while having a great time classic boating.  We can help!
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