"I met Jan Hadley of Nautilus Marine Restorations in July, 2011. I have a
1958 32' Chris Craft Commander that required extensive restoration.  
Jan has proven to be an incredible craftsman and has great knowledge
of restoring wooden boats.  He has provided services in a professional
manner, including developing a plan of restoration, including electrical,
plumbing, mechanical and incredible woodwork and brightwork.  He
has the ability to provide what I wanted in the restoration and I have
developed trust in his decision making which directly resulted in the
restoration of a classic boat that simply does not exist in today's boating
world. I now have a classic wooden boat with modern conveniences that
will last my lifetime and is something I can pass on to my family one
day.  I highly recommend Jan Hadley for your boat restoration needs."

"After being totally frustrated with the lack of craftsmanship around the
Atlanta area, I found Nautilus Restorations online and called Jan.  I can
usually spot, or in this case hear, BS a mile away.  I was so pleased to talk
to someone who understood what I wanted accomplished!  I could not
afford a total resto job but needed my boat usable! I was impressed
enough to take the chance and drive about 3 1/2 hours each way... twice!   
I sure am glad I did!   If anyone has questions, I've given Jan the go-ahead
to allow people to contact me via email for starters.  My boat is not a true
classic, but they went the extra mile...completely rebuilt the transom and
got the original gelcoat and trim looking great!!!  Highly recommended!"

(No clients were threatened, blackmailed or harmed during the production of this web page.)
Nautilus Marine Restorations
Client References/Recommendations
"When I moved up to Atlanta I was looking for a shop to help finish my
1963 Correct Craft Debonnaire.  My boat had been in and out of three
different shops, but was basically still an empty hull.  Jan took my boat and
designed/fabricated/installed all the custom cabinetry, interior, and
drivetrain components.  I gave him a basic idea of what I wanted the boat
to look like and he turned around and gave me the one of the most
beautiful Correct Crafts I have ever seen.  With the cabinetry in the front
and larger engine cover with cup holders this boat is also a lot more
useable than when it came out of the factory.   Everywhere I go with this
boat I always have people approach me and ask about the boat.  They are
always curious about the color, which is an original factory color!  

I was so impressed with the fit and finish of my boat that my brother and I
decided to have Jan to redo his 1969 Correct Craft Barracuda.  When Jan
got the boat it had rotten stringers, a seized 318, and half a ton of water
logged foam beneath the floor.  Jan put in new stringers, a modern 351,
and repainted the boat to make it look factory fresh.  We both love the
work Jan did, and look forward to future projects with him.  Jan is currently
restoring the factory hardtop that was an option for the Debonnaire, and
hopefully will install it sometime in early 2016."

"Jan and company rebuilt my 1954 Chris Craft Holiday . It started off
to be a simple re-finish and thorough “check out” but morphed into a
bigger project as I began to see the possibilities for the old girl. You
can see the results on the “1954 Chris Craft Holiday “ page on this
website. Throughout the project , I was kept informed as to progress
and had plenty of input into all of the “which option do we choose?”
questions. Great work and a beautiful finished product."
David Mott
Michael Laur
David Hood
Dr. Scott Rhoden
Restoration Photo Logs