1947 American-LaFrance V12-J
Marine Engine Conversion
I bought this engine in original condition in order to build something a little different to
power my 1954 Chris Craft Riviera racer project.  I fabricated a 1" thick aluminum adapter
that allowed me to bolt-up a Crusader bell housing (GM to Velvet Drive transmission)
with a rear-mounted reverse rotation starter.  I mounted a raw water pump from a 7.4L
Mercruiser and made the modifications that were needed for the cooling system.  

Modifications included:

GM 1-wire alternator
Twin Carter 2GC carburetors
Crusader outside ring gear flywheel
Holley electric fuel pump and regulator
Vintage McCulloch VS-57 supercharger
Custom dump to exhaust thermostat cap/bracket

The smaller diameter
GM flywheel required
the starter to be
rear-mounted so I
used a vintage
Crusader GM 350
Velvet Drive bell
housing with a
reverse rotation high
torque starter.
All bolts-ons were removed from the engine, including the secondary heads.  It
was then thoroughly de-greased.  Each valve was removed, cleaned, inspected and
wire-wheeled.  The pistons were removed, all rings replaced and cylinders honed.
This engine has two
12-point distributors, four
sets of points, four coils
and 24 spark plugs which
required 112' of vintage
cloth-wrapped solid core
spark plug wire.
Painted with
1956 Chevrolet
Tropical Turquoise
Engine wiring diagram
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